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Pidig and Kradorf Alm – pretty, short hiking trip at the end of the Gsies Valley.

Start: St. Magdalena Pfarrkirche (1398 m)
This short hiking trip is more of a walk than a proper hiking tour. It leads from St. Magdalena to the Pidigalm and the nearby hut at the Kradorf Alm where you have the possibility to enjoy a meal. The Alpine huts are set in the midst of beautiful meadows, surrounded by magnificent South Tyrolean mountains, offering a fantastic view of the Gsies Valley. According to early documents, the Pidigalm still carries the same name it was given more than 1,000 years ago.
With a comfortable forest road on one side of the valley and a natural foot path on the other, there is a possibility to turn this short hiking trip into a circular route.

Path description: From St. Magdalena (1,398 metres) you can walk to the Talschluss Hut (1,465 metres; there is also a car park and the possibility for a meal or snack); walk about 10 minutes along the road towards the inner farmhouses and the access road to the Alpine meadow (driving ban) and towards the foot path turning right. From here, you can either stay on the road or cross the stream and take the foot path (marking # 49), which leads you to the Pidigalm in about 45 minutes, which is situated on your right. Alternatively you can walk to the opposite side of the valley where you will find the Kradorf Alm (1,704 metres; possibility to enjoy a meal or snack).

Return journey for those who enjoy a longer walk: A short step from the Pidigalm near the Messner Hut (1,659 metres; possibility to enjoy a meal or snack), you can follow the ‘Hinterbergkofel’ sign along the western slopes, ascending slightly, then turn left, cross the stream and walk for 20 minutes on the ascending forest path up to the Hinterbergkofelalm (1,820 metres; no pub). From here, take the slightly ascending forest path cross the forest (marking # 53) and walk back to your starting point. From Kradorf Alm, this route takes about 90 minutes. 

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