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Nature at the Gsies Almweg 2000

Duration: 4h 0min
Uphill: 730 m
Start: St. Magdalena Talschlusshütte (1465 m)
Special hints and tips: The Gsies Valley offers a variety of beautiful Alpine meadows, some of these with huts where you will be able to stop for a snack or meal. As the name ‘Almweg 2000’ already suggests, this route leads you to an altitude of approximately 2,000 metres above sea level, where you can visit one Alm after the other. We recommend this route for its beautiful views from the Tscharnietalm in the south to the Uwaldalm in the north, which together with the ascent and descent create a closed circle. In addition, the flora found along this path in South Tyrol is particularly astonishing. The circular route is an easy option for experienced hikers, but very much worthwhile taking.

Path description: From St. Magdalena, walk along the road towards the end of the valley, then turn right, cross the stream and follow marking # 47 (forest road) through the Köfl Valley in a south-easterly direction. When you come to the junction, turn right and follow marking 48 (also a forest road) through the forest up to the Tscharnietalm (1,976 metres; around 90 minutes). Follow the red point marking along the high mountain path, continuously ascending in a north-westerly direction, until you come to a narrow ridge. Descend on the other side, walking across the slopes to the Kasermähder Alm (2,048 metres), partly below, partly above the upper tree line until you reach the Gipfelalm (2,104 metres). If you prefer a longer route, stay on the foot path to the Kaser Alm or the Stumpfalm (1,950 metres, pub) and take the wide road, descending comfortably to the Kaser Alm (2,076 metres; pub). From here, ascending slightly, use the marked path towards the beautiful Pfoi Valley, take the bridge across the stream and then walk in a westerly direction to the Uwaldalm (2,042 metres; pub).

Descent: From the Uwaldalm, you can either take the wide, comfortable, but long forest road or alternatively, the steep foot path (marking # 12), which is at a later stage is identical to the initial ascending route. From the Uwaldalm: 60 to 90 minutes.

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