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Places worth seeing in the Gsies Valley - Puster Valley -South Tyrol

Not only are the magnificent Wellness hotel Quelle in the Puster Valley and the grand Dolomite mountains worth seeing, but there are also many attractive cultural possibilities to make your holiday in South Tyrol a great experience

Farmhouse visit at Voadohuibm in St. Magdalena/Gsies
This is how our ancestors lived and survived on their small mountain farms. The nature and landscape guide Eduard Hofmann, explains what life was like at the ‘olte Voadohiubn Haus’. He will demonstrate a number of old tools and typical equipment, which were used on the farm. If you are up to it, you can try them out yourself. He will also give you valuable insight into the life of the older generation in South Tyrol.

Castle Welsperg in Welsberg in the Puster Valley.
Don’t forget to visit Castle Welsperg during your Wellness holiday in South Tyrol. Castle Welsperg has the oldest castle grounds in the Upper Puster Valley. Discover the history of grand Tyrolean aristocracy, who lived in the castle from the time of its creation to 1907 (nearly 800 years) and cultivated their estate during all this time. A walk around the walls of this fortress, built during the Middle-Ages, is quite interesting, particularly as it has been continuously expanded and developed into a specific architectural shape: the Welsperg central castle.

The Dietenheim Folk Museum in the Puster Valley!
Another thrilling experience is a visit to the Dietenheim Folk Museum. This museum is one of the most beautiful open-air museums in Europe. It avails of an outdoor area of more than 4 hectare and includes the impressive Mair am Hof residence, the centre-piece of the museum. Undertake travel back in time to a previous Puster Valley in South Tyrol and visit old farmhouses, as well as workshops. You will come across impressive, educational facts about the life in South Tyrol during times gone by.

The Ötzi Museum in Bozen, South Tyrol.
Part of South Tyrol’s world fame is derived from an impressive find: Ötzi, the glacier mummy.
More than 5,000 years ago, a man stepped up into the icy heights of the Schnals Valley glaciers and died there. In 1991, his remains were found by accident, including his clothes and equipment, mummified, frozen, an archaeological sensation and a unique snapshot of a person from the Copper Age. After many years of research by a highly specialised research team, it has been possible to visit the mummy and its associated findings since March 1998 in the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum. A visit to the Ötzi Museum should be top of your list!

The Saint George’s Chapel - an open bible in Taisten, Puster Valley
On its own, the patronage of Saint George marks the impressive age of this chapel. The building comes with the character of a two-storey castle chapel. Partly built in Roman style and with a Gothic net rip vault from 1498, the chapel attracts many visitors. Discover the unique presentation of the Holy Trinity surrounded by evangelistic symbols. Those particularly interested in culture, will find a visit to this chapel most impressive.

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