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Body Styling

Pamper your body so that your spirit wants to reside there.

Cleopatra Egyptian wrap

Established body wraps with highly effective healing earth. The successful way to a smooth, beautiful, refined silhouette. Detoxifies, purifies, reduces the formation of fat and water retention, helps to reduce stress and provide renewed energy. The precious mineral salts from the Dead Sea cleanse and smooth the skin. In addition, they are also known for their healing properties in neurodematitis and skin blemishes.

1 wrap, approx. 90 min.
3 wraps, special price 
€ 124,00
€ 333,00

Body styling according to Aroma Derm

A smoother skin and a well-shaped silhouette are the result of this treatment. While you relax in a pleasant atmosphere, the wrap is producing its full effect. In matters of body wrapping, in foil or bandage wrap our team gives you the right advice for effective purification and detoxification of the body and for mirror success!

1 Bodystyling with foil  
1 Bodystyling with bandage  
€ 73,00
€ 83,00

The more applications, the greater and more long-lasting is the success.
For ambitious ladies we have special offers from the third wrap:

3 Bodystylings with foil  
3 Bodystylings with bandage  
€ 196,00
€ 226,00

Aroma Derm Home Package

So that you can enjoy the truly wonderful feeling of success at home, we offer products for further treatments at home.


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Body styling
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