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    Take advantage of the quiet holiday season and let your soul fly in our ...
    19.12.2014 - 23.12.2014
    4 nights from the € 504,- p.p.
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    A time full of dreamy feel-good days with beautiful Christmas spirit. Join us ...
    21.12.2014 - 26.12.2014
    3 nights from the € 475,- p.p.
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    Treat yourself to a great New Year's Eve and enjoy the annual turnaround ... ...
    26.12.2014 - 02.01.2015
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    Have a break ...enjoy one the finest wellness & spa area... Rates per person ...
    02.01.2015 - 06.01.2015
    Starting from € 760,- p.p.
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    Slight movement in the beautiful winter landscape of the Gsiesertal valley . ...
    06.01.2015 - 11.01.2015
    Starting from € 581,- p.p.
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    Slight movement in the beautiful winter landscape of the Gsiesertal valley. ...
    11.01.2015 - 01.02.2015
    4 nights from the € 473,- p.p.
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    Slight movement in the beautiful winter landscape of the Gsiesertal valley . ...
    01.02.2015 - 15.02.2015
    4 nights from the € 490,- p.p.
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    Snowy landscape, perfect slopes, crystal clear air and to top it off - A ...
    15.02.2015 - 22.02.2015
    4 nights from € 528,-
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    A special vitality package for all those which can choose their best days of ...
    11.01.2015 - 02.04.2015
    7 nights from € 1.125,–
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    Like a torrent, full of energy and joy, can start in everyday life. Additional ...
    11.01.2015 - 02.04.2015
    7 nights from € 1.125,–
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    Pleasure for all the senses ! Experiencing the late-winterime in South Tyrol is ...
    08.03.2015 - 02.04.2015
    4 nights from the € 450,- p.p.
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    Immerse yourself in the wonderful landscape of the GSIESERTAL valley. Hiking is ...
    02.04.2015 - 06.04.2015
    4 nights from € 558,-
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    Let yourself be enchanted from so many memorable highlights in one on the most ...
    06.01.2015 - 09.01.2015
    3 nights from € 444,-

Relaxing baths in the Wellness & Spa Resort Quelle

Baths in the Thalasso Spa:
Our Thalasso bath offers an individual control system, which offers professional health underwater massages for various wellness needs. The baths relax and ease your musculature from neck to toes and you charge up on new vitality. 
approx. 20 min. € 35,00

Sea salts bath
Wonderfully cleansing and slightly oil-replenishing sea salts bath with purging effect. An auxiliary bath in all purification and slimming programmes.

Rosemary bath
This vitalising bath sets the circulation going and helps to overcome tiredness and exhaustion.

Eucalyptus bath
This refreshing bath is ideal for clearing the breathing passages and helpful in treating colds, coughs and poor circulation of the blood.

Mare's milk bath
Health and wellness bath for inner and outer beauty!
Our local mare's milk from the Valle di Casies is particularly rich in vitamins minerals and
proteins. The proteins give you a velvety, elastic skin and strengthen from the inside.
 A comfortable 20 minutes to enjoy a glass of mare's milk!  € 39,00
 For 2 persons  € 62,00

Quelle Alpine hay bath
Impregnated with fragrant mountain hay, the steam from the bath opens the pores and the essences of the hay penetrate deep into the skin. This promotes general wellbeing and strengthens your immune system.

approx. 25 min.
€ 52,00
Following this with a partial body massage is much to be recommended.
 Package price     approx. 25 min. € 80,00

Baths in the Casies Alpine bath:
You sway as if in a hammock on a large air mattress on water at a finely controlled temperature, while the body pack you have chosen does your body good.

1 person approx. 20 min. € 32,00
2 persons approx. 20 min. € 54,00

Quelle Vital Bath
Rich in herbs and salts, the Vital Bath has a stimulating effect. Even more so if there are two of you ...
Candle light and a glass of sparkling wine take care of any extra tingling.

Casies Farmers' Bath
Bathe in the luxury of milk and honey! This invigorating bath supplies vitamins, promotes the circulation and makes your skin velvety smooth.

Juniper bath
Juniper helps the body to deal with water retention, alleviates tension and muscle soreness.

Tyrolean stone oil bath
Stone oil is unique; matured for millions of years, shale oil develops a range of healing qualities. An especially established treatment for joint and rheumatic complaints, ischium and muscular tension.

Arrolla pine steam bath
Arrolla pine wood produces physical and mental balance. Our arrolla pine bath with beneficial herb salts from the Alps and our arrolla pine provides the body with precious strength and relaxes the heart.

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