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10 saunas for your well-being

Flowering time for your soul in our exclusive wellness area

Feel the soothing warmth of our 10 different themed saunas.
Our water mill sauna outdoor enchanted with a special rustic flair and you can explore the Alpine mountain sauna hut in the garden. In addition to our textile free zone, we offer a separate dress-on and family sauna area.

Your recreation is rounded off by our sauna infusions in the Alpine sauna, daily from Monday to Saturday.

Relax in wonderful lounges with floating couches and in the new SPA bistro with drinks like coffea, tea and juices, dried fruit, buttermilk and lime yogurt. Let us take you into a world of relaxation and regeneration.

Finnish Alpine sauna
 In our South Tyrolean dry wood sauna, you will experience what sweating is all about. Experience the soothing effects of heat in our typical Finnish sauna. An infusion with essential oils from Alpine trees is released when you pull the string inside the sauna cabin. Enjoy this part of your Wellness holiday in South Tyrol for no longer than 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Afterwards, it is essential that your body is cooled down!
Temperature: 90° Celsius
Humidity: 5 to 15%

Herbal Sauna 
The mild and soft warmth of the wooden benches will gently support your sauna experience in a healthy way. Put your bathing towel on the bench, sit down and look forward to the next automatic herbal infusion. Enjoy the fragrances of the South Tyrolean forests and meadows, relax and forget about the world around you …
Temperature: 60° Celsius
Humidity: 45%

Edelweiss steam heat sauna: 38 to 40° Celsius
Enjoy the comfortable radiant heat, which gently warms your body through the stone benches. We recommend a stay of 15 to 30 minutes. The soft steam with its blossom fragrance will sooth your body and soul and has a moisturising effect on your skin. Your immune system is activated and your metabolism is gently stimulated.
Temperature: 38 to 40° Celsius
Humidity: 60%

South Tyrolean Biological Pine tree sauna
 The soft biological sauna made of pure pine tree will guarantee a great relaxing experience in mild temperatures. This local wood brings you health and decreases your heart beat. The fragrance soothes your body and soul.
Temperature: 65° Celsius
Humidity: 45%

Bergkristall (mountain crystal) Salt Cleaning Steam Bath
Take a handful of salt from the salt well, right in front of the sauna. When inside the cabin, rub your arms, chest, front and back quickly with the salt. The warmth of the steam will stimulate your metabolism, the salt will clean your skin and give you a relaxed feeling. Inhale the refreshing melissa fragrance. The mountain crystal will release strength and energy.
Temperature: 42° Celsius
Humidity: 95%

Water mill sauna  in our vital garden
Feel relaxed from the fragrance and ambience of our local South
Tyrolean woods.
Temperature: 65° Celsius
Humidity: 95%

Private sauna area
Now it is also possible to enjoy your own separate Wellness sauna area at the Nature Spa Resort Quelle.
Enjoy your private space in a genuine Finnish sauna cabin, infra-red cabin, a salt steam bath, the Kneipp course, as well as tropical showers.

Family sauna area
Beside the general nude sauna area, we avail of a special area for our international guests and families: the additional new textile sauna world with a steam bath, Finnish sauna, as well as a genuine Luis Trenker infra-red cabin.

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