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Vitalis - natural cosmetics

Natural products for your beauty

Since 1986 Dr. Joseph, researcher in natural cosmetics, and his Vitalis team have been developing innovative, health-promoting natural products.


Vitalis facial treatments - something quite different
These facial treatments include:
Deep cleansing, peeling, active substance concentrate, massage, mask, skin emollient, special treatment processes and techniques in accordance with the Dr. Joseph’s Vitalis method.

vitalis treatment rugiada© – "The Dew"
approx. 80 min.
€ 88,00
Like a stroll in warm summer rain...
The dry skin is stimulated and supplied with moisture. A blossom steam bath of a special type and apple extracts make this treatment a real experience.

vitalis treatment energia© – "The Potency"
approx. 80 min.
€ 88,00
Power and vitality at the highest level for greasy skin and/or skin with poor circulation. Warm basalt pebbles and a treatment based on hay flowers are stimulating and improve the circulation. Lost resilience and elasticity returns to the skin. The feet are massaged with warm basalt stones and stimulated through the reflexology points - a treatment from head to toe.     

vitalis treatment quiete© – "Inner peace for you"
approx. 80 min.
€ 88,00
A short break for skin and soul. Skin irritations and redness are soothed, the complexion becomes balanced, well-tended and radiates fresh vitality. The products contain properties of blueberries and have a cooling effect and restore the blood vessels. Oscillations from the vital sound bowls intensify the soothing and harmonising effect of this special treatment.

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