Safe Hotel

New cleaning and disinfection measures

for the whole hotel, common areas and guest bedrooms.

  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of the common areas and guest bedrooms
  • Before each arrival, the rooms are subjected to an ozone cleaning, as this is the only way to eliminate 99.85% of all bacteria and viruses. This is a natural and ecological treatment that eliminates all impurities.
  • Sealed cleaning of the rooms - fresh cleaning supplies are used for each room (new cleaning cloths and fresh cleaning water).
  • Professional and special cleaning agents against viruses are used for disinfection. The products have an antibacterial and antiviral effect.
  • The entire hotel laundry is professionally cleaned by the local trusted partner "Hotelwash" and undergoes environmentally friendly washing processes.
  • The common areas are organised in such a way that guests are able to keep the required minimum distance.
  • The entire ventilation systems are converted to supply fresh outside air.
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