Hotel remodelling adventure - New contemporary façade design

Hotel remodelling adventure

Almost no stone was left unturned in Hotel Quelle during the most recent, extensive remodelling in spring 2023.
The Steinmair family brought Klausner architect Stefan Gamper - known in the industry as a "landscape architect" - on board. As he himself describes his work, he is passionate about creating buildings for people and places.

It is important to architect Stefan Gamper that people feel comfortable in them and that the building harmonises with the location and the landscape. His work is characterised by linear forms, intelligent room layouts and warm materials. "Our projects can be measured in terms of nature, culture, tradition, innovation and the economic aspect," says Gamper.
"Based on this conviction, our buildings respect the spirit of the respective location and blend harmoniously into the surroundings. Nothing disturbs the view: the arriving cars of the hotel guests disappear into the hillside in an underground car park and no longer affect the atmosphere of peace and quiet.

"My team and I have tried to harmonise the different styles that were created during previous construction phases. This means that the appearance of the buildings, which were created in different phases, has now been standardised and "calmed down". To achieve this, we chose a very compact design, but without obstructing the marvellous view of the mountain panorama.

For the façade, we chose local larch wood for the formwork; the boards are mounted vertically and in different rhythms."
With its brown-grey colouring, the larch wood blends in perfectly with the surroundings. "The Hotel Quelle now impresses with its calm, timeless, contemporary and harmonious wooden façade. Quality, well-being and cosiness, interpreted in a modern way, are the top priorities," says Gamper.
For the roof construction of the resort, the Steinmair family and the architect mainly opted for pitched roofs. "These are common in the Gsieser Valley," explains Gamper. "The few flat roofs, on the other hand, are all green. Some even with trees."
Harmony inside and out
Elegance without frills
The interior was also modernised and improved in terms of quality, with Köck & Bachler from Fieberbrunn being entrusted with the interior design of the public areas and rooms.
For the interior design, they chose solid local wood, reclaimed wood, stones and linen fabrics, among other things, which are colour-coordinated with the façade of the hotel and stylishly enhanced by a few splashes of colour - such as cushions or curtains.

Dreamlike Timeless Sky SPA
The centrepiece of the unique wellness world at Hotel Quelle is now the new Timeless Sky SPA in the rooftop, a project by Andreas Kofler from createlier by Kofler.
The interior is dominated by natural materials such as wood and local natural stone (dolomite) with surfaces ranging from smooth to rough. These are complemented by natural, healthy room textiles made locally, such as loden fabrics, linen, wool and sheepskins, which create a cosy atmosphere and optimise the room acoustics.

Working with nature and local cycles
The Steinmair family was very keen to incorporate sustainability into the hotel concept.
The project was realised by Walter Ferdigg from Bruneck, with Wolfgang Achammer from achammer + breitenberger in Vintl in charge of project management.
Companies and firms from the surrounding area were mainly commissioned with the renovation work.

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