Sustainable relax

Sustainability as a corporate responsibility

Holidays have never been better than here at the Quelle, especially with regard to the environment.
We are committed to using our resources sparingly and reducing our ecological footprint.
Regionally produced products, local delicacies from our own Fontis eco farm & partners and short supply chains are just as much a part of the concept as consistent recycling.

Green Vacation Package

The philosophy involves maximising the length of stay, which contributes to sustainability in every respect. It minimises arrivals and departures, reduces the consumption of resources and, finally, the increased length of stay can also reduce the number of visitors to popular excursion destinations and thus the impact on the local environment.

For this we reward you with a special discount price!

The good of the valley

Herbs, berries, flowers and lots of vegetables thrive in the large Fontis garden with cultivation areas and greenhouses. and come straight from the garden to your plate without having to be transported.

In line with this, there are also many small suppliers in the Gsieser Tal region who co-operate with the Hotel Quelle and offer the farm's own products.

We for the environment

Brine treatment of the indoor and outdoor pools (without chlorine)
Natural heat in winter and summer with wood chip system (biomass)
Chlorine-free washing of all hotel laundry
Electricity from 100% hydropower from the Val Casies Valley
100% separation of waste and packaging materials
Organic construction and natural materials
Wood from local forests
Energy-saving heating thanks to intelligent software
Rainwater tank for watering the garden
Utilisation of own solar energy
Promotion of local cycles

Own water source

Benedikt Steinmair was granted the water licence for the Badl water spring above our hotel more than 70 years ago.
Not only do our restaurant guests appreciate the water from the hotel's own spring, but our water and sauna world is also supplied with our spring water in an environmentally friendly way.

The purity of our water is tested annually. In addition to its excellent properties as drinking water, our spring water is particularly suitable for various baths in the Badl culture, as the water is very soothing and cleansing for the skin.

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