The Hotel Quelle is one of the TOP 10 Caroni Hotspots worldwide.

Thanks to the unique rum selection and the many rarities, we were chosen by the famous Caroni book author Steffen Mayer as one of the Top 10 Caroni Hotspots worldwide.

How it all began...

Our IHK bar master Stefan Lercher, a long-time Quelle employee, conducted an interview with a journalist in the house about our hotel, the offer of our hotel bar and his work.
And as luck would have it, Steffen Mayer, a rum lover from the Allgäu, read this interview and became aware of our bar master Stefan.

Steffen Mayer alias Stefano Caroni has published five years of work and research on Caroni, the famous distillery in Trinidad that disappeared in 2002. It is a true encyclopaedia in two volumes and a work for collectors. And it is precisely in this book that he also presents our hotel in the "TOP 10 Caroni Hotspots worldwide", i.e. those hotspots that are particularly well positioned and offer rarities.

Stefan was ahead of the times, has a good nose and a good feeling for trends and rarities and collected them in time. We have Caroni's in the upmarket segment, but in fair international comparison.

You can gain an insight into this "bible" at our hotel bar in the Hotel Quelle and in the "Rum Lounge", which will be redesigned from summer 2023.

Caroni Rum lives on and has real collector's value.

The hype around Caroni

The Caroni distillery was founded in 1918 as a single estate distillery and named after the second longest river on the Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago.
A sugar factory was also located on the premises and the harvested sugar cane was processed into sugar there. The by-product molasses, a sugary mass, was delivered directly to the Caroni Distillery to be fermented. After fermentation, the molasses was distilled and processed into Caroni Rum.

After not quite 100 years of success, the Caroni Distillery unfortunately had to close due to political unrest in the country. In 2002, the company was shut down.

By chance, Luca Gargano, the bottler behind brands like Habitation Velier, visited the island in 2004. The Italian - a resourceful and ambitious rum lover full of expertise - discovered the closed distillery and its boarded-up warehouse, where hundreds of rum barrels were stored. So it is thanks to him that we can buy Caroni rum despite the distillery's closure and that the Caroni Distillery enjoys cult status. We are particularly proud of Luca Gargano's stay with us at the Quelle Hotel.

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